Comparing Two-Digit Numbers

In class we have been working very hard on number sense through 120.  My students have done so well with this.  They love to use manipulatives to represent numbers, and have picked up on things so quickly.  We have moved onto comparing numbers.

I wanted to share a fun, concrete way that we have done this in class.  Of course we talk about the hungry alligator wanting to chomp on the greatest number.  We practice this in our daily calendar routine.  Here is a way, with no copies required, that the students have practiced this concept in a hands-on way.

I give the students two numbers to represent.  I write the numbers on the board so that the students can have the visual of the numbers.  Next the students build the numbers with their base ten blocks.  Using pipe cleaner pieces that I have cut and given the students, they make the symbols to show greater than, less than, or equal to.  Here are some examples:

100_6181                                                         100_6180

100_6184                                                         100_6182

The students have to orally explain why they have chosen the symbol.  Poor kids…I am always asking why!  After we have practiced many examples, they build one last set of numbers to compare.  Then I have the kids write to explain.  I just used plain scrap paper. Here is what two students wrote.

100_6186                                                        100_6185

Comparing Numbers                                                       Slide2

Here’s a free printable if you’d like to try this with the comparing numbers activity;  You can grab it for free here

So, that’s it!  Super easy and the kids love it!  Please share ways that you work on comparing numbers in your classroom!  Thanks for stopping by!


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