Five For Friday {September 27, 2013}


I am so excited for my very first Five for Friday.  I am getting a late start so you may not get this until Saturday! So here is what we have been up to in the past week or so.

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We have been working hard on number sense to 120.  I created a spin and draw activity.  The kids loved it.  They spun the spinner, built the number, drew the number and then wrote how many tens and how many ones.  The kids loved it!


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I finally got my clock labels up!  I LOVE them.  And, drum-roll please, some of my kids are actually looking at the clock and telling me what time it is!  In first grade we only tell time to the hour and half hour, but in calendar math we have gone further and some of my students are telling time to the minute. 🙂


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In reading groups (last week) we were working on summarizing the texts we had been reading.  We used “Somebody, Wanted, But, So” to work on this and it was fantastic!  All three groups worked on this with their leveled readers and I was thrilled with the results!


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We celebrated Johnny Appleseed’s birthday with some “Apple-icious” activities!  I created a freebie for the FB Fall Frenzy that I was so excited to use.  But, we were fussed at by the administration for how much copy paper we have already used this year, so I couldn’t print everything I wanted to.  We still had a ball tasting apples, describing them with adjectives in our journals, and then graphing our favorites!

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We worked on a math activity with partners where the students visited 10 stations around the classroom.  They were to count the group of objects.  The first day they all tried counting by ones and most of them never finished counting before it was time to switch.  The next day we talked about the previous days activity and I asked the kids if there would be a faster way to count the objects. Light bulbs turned on and someone called out “We can count by tens!”  So that is what they did.  They made groups of ten and then counted the ones.  (Two boys finished quickly and got creative with the worms they were counting!)



Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope this will be the first of many more “Five for Fridays” to come!


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  1. Hi! I was wondering if that place value spin & draw game is available on your TpT store? I can’t seem to find it and would LOVE to use it in my classroom.

    Thanks so much! I am enjoying reading your blog…just found it tonight.

    1. Jo Lynn,
      Thanks so much for asking. My kids LOVED doing that activity! Right now it is not on TpT, but I should be able to finish it up by this weekend. It will be a compilation of activities for working on place value including the spin and draw activity. I will get right on it and post about it here on my blog so that you will know when it is ready.

      Nancy 🙂

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