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St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Lucky Learners

Calling all leprechauns! Who’s ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the primary classroom?! I love holiday celebrations, and even more so with young students. There’s just something magical about holiday fun through the eyes of a child, right?! St. Patrick’s Day has always been a favorite of mine since it brightens up the classroom and kicks off spring after a long winter. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate some festive fun into your daily learning routine, come along to see these engaging St. Patrick’s Day activities!

This image showcases a some fun St. Patrick's Day activities that can be used in centers or as a partner game to practice time. This game is leprechaun themed. It also features the text "St. Patrick's Day Activities for Lucky Learners."

Balancing Holiday Fun With Learning

Sure, sure, holidays are fun but they can also skew the routine and potentially disrupt learning, right? Not so fast! In all honestly, I’ve actually found the opposite to be true. When we bring some holiday fun into our lessons, we can expect higher engagement, more student participation, and smoother days in the classroom. Why you ask? Well, I think this has to do with choosing to embrace the holiday fun.

What I mean by this is that kiddos are excited about holidays one way or another. If we fight against that, we’re more than likely going to get some pushback and lack of engagement. This can result in a whole lot of ruckus in the daily routine. So why fight it?! Instead, find ways to balance holiday fun with learning for much better results. This is true when planning St. Patrick’s Day activities, but really any time of year as well. If you’re not sure how to strike the perfect balance, let me share my top 6, favorite St. Patrick’s Day activities. Not only are these fun for students, but they’ll provide valuable learning opportunities too.

1. St. Patrick’s Day Learning Activities

What better way to kick off this list than with a whole resource dedicated to St. Patrick’s Day activities?! If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop filled with St. Patrick’s Day fun, this resource is the one for you! Inside you’ll find activities for literacy topics, math practice, and even crafts as well! Some of my favorite activities from this resource include:

This image shows a "Happy St. Patrick's Day" student hat that students can make. It will go perfectly with the other St. Patrick's Day activities that you may have planned!
  • Mini Reader Book: Lucky the Leprechaun
  • Response Activities for the book (Story Elements, Vocabulary, and Sentence Types)
  • St. Patrick’s Day Data (Spin, Tally, Graph, and Interpret)
  • Problem Solving with Lucky the Leprechaun (Word Problems)
  • Rainbow Mobile Craft
  • St. Patrick’s Day Craft Crown and more!

These activities would be lots of fun to use throughout the month, or on St. Patrick’s Day for a fun-filled day of learning. Use them as a whole group, or set up stations and centers for students to work with partners. Either way, I know your kiddos will love these! The lessons also come in a digital format as well, which is great for distance learning, or whole-group teaching using an interactive whiteboard. No matter how you choose to use them, these St. Patrick’s Day activities will add a heavy dose of magical fun to your month.

2. Color by Code Activities

Color by Code activities are a great way to practice things that require lots of repetitive practice such as math facts. We know that students need many practice opportunities to master them, but endless flashcards aren’t exactly the most engaging way, right? This is where color-by-code pages will save the day! These activities allow you to present math fact practice in a way that’s fun and appealing to students.

This image shows a color by code St. Patrick's Day activity. Students solve math problems and then color by the given code to reveal a pot of gold, Irish flag and gold coin.

My St. Patrick’s Day Color By Code Bundle focuses on mixed practice of addition and subtraction to 20. There are two resources included, one for facts through 10 and one for facts through 20. This makes differentiation easy (and discreet) if you have students working at various skill levels.

The pages all feature festive St. Patrick’s Day pictures like shamrocks, leprechauns, rainbows, and more! Students love using these throughout the month to brush up on math facts in a fun way. Plus, since they’re no-prep they can be used to fill extra pockets of time throughout the day as well. I like to use these activities for center time, morning work, and fast finishers. They also come in handy when you find that your students need a chance to refocus. Play some calming music, pass out these worksheets, and watch as your students wind down after recess or another transition.

3. St. Patrick’s Day Write the Room

Do like write the room centers? They’re one of my favorite ways to mix things up in the classroom! It’s no secret that primary students need to shake out some wiggles from time to time, and write the room is a great way to allow them to do so! Plus, they’ll still be working on important skills in the process. This St. Patrick’s Day Write the Room resource focuses on vocabulary words that are perfect for the holiday!

Students will love writing centers like the one shown in this image! It is a write the room style activity that focuses on themed words like "flag", "candy" and "harp".

To use, simply choose the handwriting style and recording sheet that will work best for your students. There are multiple options included to make this activity easier, or more difficult for your kiddos. Then, hang the corresponding cards around your room. Provide each student with a recording sheet and clipboard. Students will walk from card to card, locate the picture on their sheet, and write the word.

You can also play this as a “Scoot!” game as well, which is a lot of fun for a whole-class activity. Alternatively, you could even have students use this activity as a seated center by providing all of the cards at once. No matter what you choose, this activity is a fun way to learn vocabulary words related to St. Patrick’s Day and work on those handwriting skills!

4. March Math and ELA Centers

I think it’s safe to say that center time is a classroom favorite among all the leprechauns in your bunch! In the primary classroom, centers are a chance to move around the room, interact with peers, and get some much-needed hands-on learning in! Plus, they’re a great time to practice previously taught skills in a fun and engaging format. The only trouble with center time is that the prep work can be a tad overwhelming. Can you relate?

In this activity, students will make contractions in order to put together a mystery puzzle.

If so, I know you’ll LOVE these low-prep March Math and ELA Centers. They’re designed for maximum fun and minimal prep! Each activity is either print-and-go or requires only a few quick cuts to use. There are board games, task cards, and color-by-code pages so you’ll have plenty of variety to choose from. Best of all, this resource includes 9 ELA and 9 math centers that focus on first-grade concepts, so they’ll blend perfectly with what you’re focusing on in class.

Aside from the St. Patrick’s Day-themed centers, you’ll also find spring things well. This means you can use them all month long as you welcome spring during the month of March! Use these for center time, indoor recess options, partner games, early finishers, and as simple activities to leave for a sub. Your students will love them, and you’ll love that they’re packed with valuable skills practice!

5. March No-Prep Printables

Do you ever find yourself in need of some quick and easy activities to fill a few extra minutes of your day? I did too! So much so that I ended up creating monthly sets of no-prep printables. Each set included a fun theme that related to the holiday or season, in this case, St. Patrick’s Day! And don’t worry, these pages aren’t filled with fluff! Each page focuses on meaningful math and ELA concepts so you can sneak in some extra practice whenever time allows. The March no-prep printables feature friendly leprechauns and shamrocks to add a bit of festive flair, while also practicing important skills. In March, we’re working on:

This image features no prep printables that are perfect for sub tubs. They are worksheets that focus on a variety of first grade skills from contractions to opinion writing.
  • addition
  • place value
  • fact fluency
  • contractions
  • opinion writing
  • vowel sound review and more!

These pages go perfectly with other St. Patrick’s Day activities and can be sprinkled throughout the month for a spiral review of what we’re learning. Notice your kiddos need a little extra practice with a particular skill? There’s probably a page for it!

As an added bonus, these printables come in especially handy for those random times with a few minutes to spare. You know the extra minutes you ended up with between lessons, or when kids come back early from specials such as music or library. They also work well as instant center activities, homework pages, and your sub-tub! No matter how you use them, I know you’ll love having some meaningful practice at the ready.

6. St. Patrick’s Day BINGO

Who doesn’t love a good game of BINGO? This classic game is perfect for firsties, since it’s easy to explain and can be used with the whole group at once. Plus, it’s super fun too!

This image shows a student playing St. Patrick's Day bingo and covering spaces with rainbow mini erasers. Students will love St. Patrick's Day activities like this one that is fun and hands-on!

This St. Patrick’s Day BINGO game comes with 30 different cards so that you can use it as a fun game during your St. Patrick’s Day party, or as a Fun Friday option. The set focuses on St. Patrick’s Day vocabulary words such as leprechaun, horseshoe, and rainbow. There are both color and black and white versions included to allow for even more versatility as well.

The color set is perfect for laminating and using with festive BINGO markers like rainbow mini erasers. The black and white version is great for a low-prep option. Just print the BINGO cards and have kids color in squares as they are called or use BINGO daubers to mark each space. I like to extend this activity a bit further by sending them to their desks with their completed card afterward. They can pick and choose words on their card to write a fun and festive St. Patrick’s Day story!

Have Fun Planning Your Own St. Patrick’s Day Activities

I hope this post inspired you to add some leprechaun magic to your lesson plan! I know you and your students will have fun using these activities throughout the month. You can find all of these resources, along with many more in my TPT shop. May the luck of the Irish be with you this month as you have fun celebrating with your own little leprechauns!

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