Take a Peek and Freebie {January Morning Work Pack}

Brrrr!  It’s cold outside!  Soon we will be back to school and my students will need some warming up.  After two weeks off from school their little brains will need some serious revving to get back to where we were in December!

I wanted to share a little about my morning work pack that my students work on every morning when they arrive at school.  I love that in one printable page I can cover so many essential ELA and Math skills and provide the opportunity to continually review and practice each day.


As you can see from the cover, I include 23 days of printables so that there is a page for each school day.  I choose to use this as morning work, but I occasionally send a page home for homework.

The following skills are covered in the entire pack for practice and review:

~fact families
~time to the hour and half-hour
~word problems
~ordering numbers
~representing numbers with tens and ones
~identifying the ones place or tens place
~solving problems using tally tables
~ABC order
~using the correct verb tense
~using pronouns
~identifying correctly spelled words
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~identifying sentences as declarative or interrogative


For the month of January, there will be practice with fact families each day.  In addition my kiddos needed some serious review of declarative and interrogative sentences, so they will practice editing these each day as well.  In December we worked on measurement, so this month they will have the opportunity to practice this skill.  For the first half of the pack they identify how many units long the given object is.  For the second half they will draw worms to match the given unit of measure.You can also see a math word problem.  Every 5th day there is a word problem for students to solve.  They must show their work!  They also will practice telling time to the hour and half hour as well as ABC order.


On this sheet my students practice ordering numbers.  Some pages cover ordering from greatest to least.  Other pages cover least to greatest.  You can also see that the students practice using was or were correctly in sentences.


One of my favorite math skills for my students to practice is solving multi-step problems and using data in a tally table.  Here you can see an example of this.  Also, this sheet provides the opportunity to use the correct verb tense in a sentence.


On this page you can see that my students will review place value.  They practice identifying and circling then tens place or the ones place in a two-digit number.


Finally, you can see here that my students review place value by drawing tens and ones to represent the given number.  In addition, they are practicing using the correct pronoun to take the place of the underlined noun(s) in a sentence.

Also included in this morning work pack are three winter themed coloring pages…just for fun!  My kids LOVE to color!

To grab Day 1 for free, click HERE and download it from my Google Drive.

To purchase the entire January morning work pack, click on the cover page above.  It is on sale now for 20% off through January 2nd.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


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