Classroom decor tips to save time and money

The classroom is a very important part of the learning environment you provide for your students. Creating a safe, inviting, comfortable space for students to work in is essential for them to truly thrive. When you are looking to create a space for your students, what do you look for? Are you more into decor, comfort, functionality? All of those things play a huge role in how you can set up a timeless and cohesive learning space within your classroom, one that you and your students will enjoy year-round. These classroom decor tips will not only help you do all of that, but they will help you save time and money too!

create a welcoming and beautiful classroom with these classroom decor tips and ideas

Teachers are often provided a classroom that is a blank slate. It can feel overwhelming to walk into an empty classroom knowing that in just a few days or weeks it will be filled with students. That feeling stems from the fact that this blank canvas feels so uninviting and cold. As teachers we know that this is not the room that we want welcoming our students. This is not the environment that will make them feel safe and encourage learning.

bright polka dot classroom decor adds color and pattern to the classroom

With so many options available at the local teacher store and on-line it can be daunting knowing where to start. Here’s some practical classroom decor tips to help you make a plan and create a classroom you and your students will love {without spending all summer or breaking the bank}!

1. Keep It Simple

One of the most important things to remember is that a classroom is a space where students should be able to focus on learning new concepts and skills. Leave room in your classroom space for the learning to be part of decor – part of the focus.

A big over-the-top theme with lots of non-academic decorations can just cause distraction. Does that mean everything must be educational? Of course not! Just be very intentional about what you add to your classroom space. Choose 2 or 3 special touches instead of 10. You don’t have to sacrifice a beautiful space.

You can still create a gorgeous and inviting room that you and your students will love spending hours a day in. When choosing classroom decor, choose a design that doesn’t take away from the educational focus in the classroom. A color based design concept with some pattern is a great way to do this.

This black, white, and red classroom starter set is the perfect example. The use of color and pattern adds an intentional decorative feel without being too distracting. Simple colors and designs tie together to make for an inviting space, and this set comes with everything you need to achieve that, and more!

2. skip the classroom decor theme

There is no shortage of classroom themes out there. Everything from outer space and superheroes to woodland creatures and circus themes. It can be tempting to jump into a theme and go all in, buying every little thing you see that matches your classroom theme. But this can get expensive, very expensive.

create a fun and learning focused classroom with these black and white classroom decor alphabet posters

And. . . all too often, teachers with a themed concept change their classroom decor more often. Instead of a classroom expense that happens once or every few years, it happens every year or two. We can get tired of an overly themed environment quickly when we spend all day, every day for months on end in that environment.

3. Choose Color

A great alternative to a theme is to choose a color scheme instead. Choose a color theme that embodies the mood you want in your classroom. Did you know that colors and our emotions and productivity are affected? Use that to your advantage as you create your classroom space. I found this website helpful in learning more about colors.

Do you want a bright, happy space with lots of colors? Or maybe a more calming, neutral space with just a few soft colors? Either way, building a cohesive space starts with a color pallet. By sticking to the colors you choose you can create a space that feels designed and intentional without the need for a theme.

You can go a step further and add a pattern, like polka dots, chevron, or stripes, or a texture like wood. This addition of pattern and/or texture can take your color pallet to the next level. You’ve created a classroom theme without having a theme! This makes it simple and easy to use year after year. Since we are less likely to get tired of a color pattern, your classroom decor can remain in place for years to come. That’s a budget saver for sure!

This Bright Chevron bundle is a favorite of mine. It is packed with bright, vibrant colors and a cute chevron pattern that can be used time and time again. I really love the cheerful feel it embodies. It represents my personality and the playfulness of children. I have used it for years without growing tired of it.

4. Be consistent

If there is one thing that creates the feel of a “designed” classroom it is consistency. Whether you choose color, pattern or a theme be consistent. This consistency is what creates that finished feel. I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up classrooms were much less inviting. They had a very cold feeling and classroom decor consisted of some random posters on the wall. There was no consistency.

this bright colored classroom decor set is cheerful and energetic

Use your classroom design pallet consistently throughout the room. Let your bulletin boards, word walls, calendar area, and name tags all work together. This consistency is “pleasing to the eye” and looks planned out and intentional. Without saying a word, you can send a message of organization and planning to everyone that walks in your room.

These Bunting and Headers are a perfect way to add a pop of your chosen color or pattern to your bulletin boards, walls or classroom door. Not only do they help you stay consistent with your classroom decor design but they also help to label the space.

5. organization as classroom decor

It might seem silly to think of organization as a classroom decor tip – but it definitely is. One of the best ways to eliminate distractions in the classroom is to cut back on clutter and keep your room organized and tidy. An organized classroom looks better but also functions better for you and your students.

Use storage bins in all shapes and sizes to store items big and small. There’s lots of “stuff” in a primary classroom, and by using boxes, bins, buckets or bags you can give everything its own space. The dollar store is my go to place for storage. You can find storage in all different shapes, sizes, and colors to fit your room style. To save money in the long term, buy storage that is clear or white and can be used again even if your color scheme changes.

Label everything! Once everything has a home, label it. This will be really helpful in being able to quickly find and put away different supplies. It also enables even the youngest of students to be able to find, use and put away supplies. I loved using these editable labels, they made it so simple to label everything from book tubs and math materials to art supplies and tables.

6. be purposeful

When you are setting up your classroom, make sure you are being purposeful about everything you are adding to your room. Prioritize what is important for you to have in the classroom. Take an objective look at every poster, piece of furniture, and supply you put out. Everything in your room should have a purpose. And while there might be a couple that are purely for decoration, try to keep those to a minimum. Eliminate clutter and distractions as much as possible.

Avoid the temptation to make the room feel “complete” before the year ever begins. Instead leave room for all the learning that is about to happen. Be purposeful about creating space for displaying student work, anchor charts, and learning tools.

Don’t overfill your space. “Less is more” is a great motto when it comes to classroom decor. There’s a lot of fun activities and learning in your future. Leave room to show that off too!

creating your classroom space

Creating a welcoming and cohesive learning environment is important for you and your students. This type of space creates a place for students to come into every day and flourish. Remember when you are creating your space, choose a color scheme, add some pattern or texture, be purposeful and organize as much as possible.

If you’d like some help in pulling everything together, you try these classroom decor bundles from my store. Each one includes everything you need to set up a classroom that follows the guidelines in this post.

This black and white classroom decor bundle has everything you need to set up your classroom
This bright colored chevron classroom decor set will make your classroom feel cheerful and inviting.
This black and white classroom decor set, with a touch of red, is a classic that will help you create a beautiful and cohesive classroom
Create a fun and happy classroom with this bright colored polka dot classroom decor set

You can also find many of these classroom decor elements individually in the Fun Time in First store.

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These tips and ideas for setting up a beautiful classroom will help you save time and money on your classroom decor


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