1st Grade Math Data and Graphing NO PREP Printable Worksheets


Easily review data, charts, graphing, and data analysis with your students with these NO PREP data and graphing worksheets and printable anchor charts. Practice for picture data, T-charts, tally charts, picture graphs, pictographs, bar graphs, and more is included!


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Each page includes data, practice organizing the data, and data analysis through answering questions. Use the anchor charts to teach your students about the many ways to display data and have students glue these in their math journals for a quick reference. You also get a two-page mini assessment to check for student understanding. Pages with and without labeled standards on each page are included. Please be sure to check out the detailed preview to see everything included!




PLEASE NOTE: This resource is a zip file download. Please be sure you can open zip files before purchasing.

Data, Charts, and Graphing No Prep Worksheets & Printables Includes:

  • A PDF with 20 worksheets without any math standard labels
  • A PDF with 20 worksheets with math CCSS standards labeled in the top corner
  • A PDF with 20 worksheets with math TEKS standards labeled in the top corner
  • 1 (2-page) Mini-Assessment
  • 6 printable Student Anchor Charts (Organizing & Displaying Data, T-Charts, Tally Charts, Picture Graphs, Pictographs, and Bar Graphs))
  • Answer Keys
  • Practice pages for Measurement and Data Standards: CCSS 1.MD.C.4 and TEKS MA.1.8.A, MA.1.8.B, and MA.1.8.C
  • Each page includes data, a chart or graph, and questions for data analysis
  • Student Anchor Charts
  • Answer Keys

Fun Data and Graphing Topics Include:

  • Picture Data and T-Charts: Students in Our Class (2), Pizza or Tacos? (2), Our Favorite Desserts (2), Dogs or Cats? (2), and After School Sports (2) (One includes picture data and questions. The other has picture data, a t-chart and questions).
  • Tally Charts: Our Favorite Apples, Favorite Specials, Getting to School, The Best Breakfast Foods, and Recess Favorites
  • Bar Graphs: Our Favorite Snacks, Our Favorite Clothing, On the Farm, How Old Are You?, and My Piggybank
  • Gather Your Own Data (Spin, Tally, & Graph): Spinning Colors. In The Night Sky, Buggy Friends, What’s the Weather?, and After School Sports

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