1st Grade NO PREP Printables for May and June – End of Year ELA and Math Review


These print and go, 1st grade May and June ELA and Math worksheets will make your monthly lesson planning a breeze- whether used for centers, small groups, homework and more! These are perfect for 1st grade end of the year lessons and review!


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This First Grade NO PREP pack for the end of school includes 60 pages of adorable 1st grade May and June printables filled with content rich practice, ready to make the end of the year fantastic! Choose from worksheets labeled with CCSS, TEKS, or without labels- all in separate PDFs. These May and June NO PREP Printables are perfect for 1st grade end of the year review! Please be sure to check out the detailed preview to see more of what’s included.



1st Grade May and June Worksheets Zip File Download Includes:

  • One PDF with all pages labeled with CCSS
  • One PDF with all pages labeled with TEKS
  • One PDF without any labeled standards
  • 60 pages of content
  • 7 Writing and Coloring Pages
  • Answer Keys

First Grade May and June No Prep Printables Reviews:


  • Skip Counting: Skip count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s, forward and backward to 120
  • What’s The Difference?: Subtraction equation sort with differences 5-10
  • Fruit Stand: Counting coins to buy fruit (dimes, nickels, and pennies)
  • Mixed Practice Telling Time: To the hour and half hour; Read clock & write the time. Draw hands to show time.
  • Fractions Review: Halves and Fourths
  • Place Value Practice and Review
  • True and False Equations
  • More and Less: Ten More and Less and One More and Less than the given number
  • 2 digit Addition and Subtraction Practice (no regrouping)
  • Spin, Tally and Graph: Signs of Summer
  • Interpret Data- Interpret a bar graph. Fill in and interpret a tally table.
  • Addition and Subtraction Fact Fluency
  • Word Problems

Language Arts:

  • Review: CVCE Long Vowels, Vowel Teams, “Y” Vowels, “R” Controlled Vowels, and Diphthongs
  • ABC Order
  • Parts of Speech: Noun, Verb, and Adjective Sort, Spin Parts of Speech and write Silly Sentences, Parts of Speech Color by Code
  • Contractions
  • Base Words / Root Words (Inflectional Endings)
  • Which Punctuation?
  • Sentence Fix 1 and 2 (Both handwriting styles)
  • Commas: Commas In a Series and Commas in Dates
  • Which Verb? Students must choose the correct verb form to complete sentences.
  • Opinion Writing: What is your favorite summertime activity? Why? Also there are writing pages for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.
  • Coloring Pages: Three coloring pages have been included relating to Memorial Day, summertime, and outside play.

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