Dental Health Activities – Math and Literacy plus a Craft and PowerPoint


Teach your students the importance of dental health with these fun activities! This versatile resource includes digital and printable posters, an informative little book, comprehension questions, a tooth fairy game, graphing activities and more!


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Engage your students during Dental Health Month using this fun, content-rich resource! Reading, health, math, writing, an adorable craft, and more are included in this digital and printable product all about dental health and caring for your teeth! The digital portion is for use with Google Slides in Google Classroom. Be sure to check out the detailed preview to see all that is included!


In your zip file download, you will receive:

  • One PDF with all of your printable resources and answer keys
  • One PowerPoint Presentation containing all of the resources to make it easy to present any of the pages
  • One PDF with the LINK to the Google Slides digital resource and digital slides answer keys

This product includes:

  • Posters: Full color posters (and black and white) are included for you to use to teach about the parts of a tooth and key vocabulary which relates to dental health. These are included in the PDF, PPT, and in Google Slides. (Dental Health, Parts of a Tooth, Brushing, Exam, Flossing, Cavity, Hygienist, Dentist, Fluoride, Plaque, Healthy Tooth)
  • Little Book: A Trip to the Dentist- Two versions are included so that you can differentiate as needed for your students. Both versions are included in print and digital forms. A story about a trip to the dentist teaches about many aspects of dental health.
  • Comprehension Questions: Print and digital versions are included.
  • Let’s Get a Healthy Smile: This activity is a cut/glue and drag and drop activity where students match pictures with the associated dental health sentence.
  • Informational Writing Activity: Healthy Teeth- A sample anchor chart/ circle map has been included, as well as student versions. Students can record facts they have learned about dental health and this can be used for informational writing. Print and digital versions are included.
  • Personal Narrative Writing Activity: Losing a Tooth- Students can complete an event/sequence graphic organizer to help them retell the event of losing a tooth. They can write a personal narrative using this organizer. Print and digital versions are included.
  • Data and Graphing: Lost Teeth (Whole Class Printable) Materials are provided for you to create a whole class picture graph about lost teeth. Students can use this data to complete a tally table, bar graph, and to answer questions about the data.
  • Spin, Tally and Graph: (Dental Tools Printable) Students use a spinner to gather data. Students can use this data to complete a tally table, bar graph, and to answer questions about the data.
  • Data and Graphing Activity: (Digital) Students count pictures of dental health tools to gather data. They display the data in a tally table and bar graph using drag and drop pieces. Then students interpret the data by answering questions from their data.
  • Tooth Fairy Bump Game (addition with 2 or 3 addends) After playing the game students can complete two addition worksheets. The game is only in the printable version, but the worksheets are in both digital and printable versions.
  • Healthy Tooth Craft This is only in the print version.
  • Healthy Teeth/ Unhealthy Teeth Sort Worksheet: Print and digital versions are included.
  • Dental Health Quiz: Print and digital versions are included.

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