First Grade October No Prep Printables – 1st Grade October ELA & Math Worksheets


Use these 1st grade October worksheets for centers, small groups, quick assessments, homework, and more! This first grade October no prep printables pack covers both ELA and math standards all in one NO PREP resource!


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This First Grade October NO PREP pack includes 78 pages of adorable fall-themed, content-rich pages. These print and go, 1st grade October ELA and Math worksheets will make your monthly lesson planning a breeze! Choose from worksheets labeled with CCSS, TEKS, or without labels- all in separate PDFs. Please be sure to checkout the detailed preview and description to see what’s included.



1st Grade October ELA & Math Worksheets Includes 78 Pages of First Grade No Prep Printables!

1st Grade October Worksheets Pack Includes:

  • 78 pages of content (40 Math and 38 ELA)
  • 8 pages of bonus pages and writing
  • 72 pages of answer keys
  • One PDF with all pages labeled with CCSS
  • One PDF with all pages labeled with TEKS
  • One PDF without any labeled standards
  • Answer Keys

1st Grade October NO PREP Pack Covers:


  • Trace Tally Marks: Students practice making tally marks by tracing dotted tally marks for numbers 1-10 & 11-20.
  • Count and Tally 1 & 2: Students count the number of fall objects and complete a tally table. Then students answer questions.
  • Spin, Tally, & Graph: Students use a spinner to collect data. Then they complete a tally table, bar graph, & answer questions.
  • Write Numbers in Charts: Students practice counting and writing numbers to 100 and to 120 in differentiated charts.
  • Skip Counting: Students complete counting patterns for skip counting by 10’s and 5’s.
  • Numbers Before and After: Students write numbers before and after given numbers (to 40, 60, and 100).
  • Addition with Dominoes: Students count the dots on the dominoes and write matching number sentences. They add to find the sum.
  • Addition and Subtraction with Dice: *Dice are needed* Students roll to make addition and subtraction sentences. Then they solve.
  • 2D & 3D Shapes in Real Life Matching: Students look at the pictures of the shapes in real life and then cut and glue the shape name to match.
  • Represent Numbers: Students show the value of numbers in three or more ways. Separate pages are included for numbers to 50, 80, 100.
  • Fact Sorts by Sums & Differences: Students cut and glue addition or subtraction facts into groups by sums and differences.
  • Telling Time: Students read analog clocks and write the digital time beneath them. One page is time to the hour and the other is to the half-hour.
  • Color by Code: Students solve addition and subtraction facts and color by the code based on the answers. These make cute fall pictures.
  • Word Problems: Students read word problems, show their work in the space provided, and solve the problems. (themes: 1 fall & 1 Halloween)
  • Fact Fluency Practice to 5: Five pages are included, each with 20 problems, for students to practice addition & subtraction facts to 5.
  • Fact Fluency Practice to 10: Five pages are included, each with 60 problems, for students to practice addition & subtraction facts to 10.

Language Arts:

  • Rhyme Time 1 & 2: Students cut and glue two rhyming words to match each picture. Words are simple CVC words.
  • Rhyme & Write 1-2: Students write the word to name each picture. Then they write a word which rhymes.
  • Syllables 1 & 2: Students say the name of a picture and clap to identify the number or syllables. Then they color in the correct number.
  • Vowel Sorts: Two sorts are provided for each set of vowel sounds. Students sort long and short vowel pictures. On the other they sort short and long vowel   words. (Sorts: short   & long a, e, i , o, and u)
  • Say & Spell Blends : Students say the name of a picture, listen for the beginning blend, color to identify the blend, and then spell the word.
  • Listen for Digraphs: Students name a picture and listen for the beginning or ending digraph. They color the digraph to match the sound.
  • Stretch and Spell Digraphs 1 & 2: Students name a picture, stretch out the sounds they hear, and then write the spell the word.
  • ABC Order: Students write to put groups of 5 words into ABC order by the first letter only. There are four sets of 5 words on the page.
  • Sentence Sort: Students read sentences and add the correct punctuation to the end (. or ?). Then they cut and glue to sort- declarative or interrogative.
  • Candy Corn Nouns: Students read nouns and then cut and glue the nouns into the correct groups- people, places, animals, and things.
  • Fall Nouns: Students color noun pictures based on a code by person, place, animal, or thing.
  • Noun or Verb: Students read words and decide if the words are nouns or verbs. Then they color nouns orange and verbs yellow. Two versions are included for differentiation (one has picture support).
  • Fall Fun with Verbs: Students read sentences and highlight the verbs in yellow. Then they draw a picture to match the sentences.
  • Verb Matching: Students read a sentence and cut and glue a verb to correctly complete the sentence.
  • Spin a Verb 1 & 2: Students spin a spinner, write the verb on which they land, and then write a sentence using that verb. There are 5 verbs/page.
  • Sentence Fix 1 & 2: Students write to “fix” sentences, correcting the beginning capitalization and the ending punctuation. Both handwriting styles are included (primary and D’Nealian)
  • Sight Word Color by Code: Students read sight words and color spaces based on a code to create fun pictures.
  • Answer Keys: Answer Keys are included for math and language arts pages.

Bonus Pages:

  • Fire Safety: Three bonus pages about fire safety are included.
  • Pumpkin Patch: Two bonus pages are included where students color and write about a pumpkin patch.

Writing Pages:

  • How to Carve a Pumpkin: Graphic organizers and writing paper are included for students to write directions for how to carve a pumpkin.

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