3 Easy Ways to Help Students Master Sight Words

Are you worried about helping your students master their sight word lists? It can be a daunting task, and sometimes it can feel impossible to sneak enough practice time in! If you’ve ever felt this way, you’re not alone. As someone who remembers this feeling well, I’m here with some creative ways to support learning. Let’s talk about 3 simple ways to weave sight words into your routine and help those students learn them with ease!

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The Sight Word Struggle

If you’re a teacher, you already know what it’s like to balance a very full load! We’ve got a lot of things on our plates in the classroom. At the beginning of my teaching career, a big pain point for me was figuring out how to make sure my students got enough practice with sight words. Our teaching blocks were already tight and I needed every minute allotted for phonics. This was a major struggle because I didn’t want to resort to endless flashcards or having my kids do all their sight word practice at home. Can you relate?!

Finding a Solution

This image shows a fun resources that can be used when teaching sight words! Students can color by a sight word code to reveal a picture.

In a room with diverse needs and minimal time, we’ve got to be smart about the way we approach our lesson planning. One of the best things I ever learned about teaching in a primary classroom is to try and work skills practice into the nooks and crannies of our day. This is so helpful when you’re trying to make time for all.the.things!

Once I started doing this, I was hooked! I adopted the practice with sight words, math facts, grammar activities, and anything else that I didn’t have a set, designated time to work on. So if you’re struggling to find time for sight words, don’t fret! These 3 simple activities can be worked into your routine. No more endless flashcards or boring worksheets for your students!

1. Practice Sight Words with a Word Wall

Do you have a word wall in your room? If not, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to sneak in some sight word practice every single day! The word wall was a huge part of our daily learning routine.

This photo shows an example of a word wall that can be used to display and practice words throughout the year.

I kept the wall updated with sight words, spelling words, and vocabulary words we were working on. Every day, during our morning meeting, we’d do a quick review of these words. I’d point to random words, out of order, and ask students to say them aloud. By going out of order each day, you ensure that your kids aren’t just memorizing the order, but instead, actually recognizing and/or reading the words. You can make this more fun by using fancy pointers or wands. This activity is simple but effective! Plus, it’s an easy daily routine you can work into your week!

As your students master specific words, you may also consider “retiring” them from your word wall. I liked to make this a group activity as well. We’d review the words one last time as a group and I’d have the kids “body spell” each word. This means moving their bodies in the shape of each letter as they spell it aloud. The kids LOVE this activity and it helps to really make those sight words stick! Last, I’d have kiddos add each word to their vocabulary notebooks or personal dictionaries. Using a word wall daily is a simple and effective way to help your students master new words! If you’re looking for a new word wall set-up, be sure to check these out!

2. Using Sight Words in Sentences

The next activity goes along with your word wall, so you’ll want to make sure you have one in place first. I liked to have my students work on sight word sentences as one of our weekly literacy centers. To do this, I set them up with a clipboard, paper, and pencil near the word wall. Their task was to write 3 sentences that used as many sight words as possible while still making sense. Sometimes I’d give them a prompt or topic, but usually, I let their imaginations run wild!

This photo shows a young girl sitting at a desk and writing in her notebook. Other students are at their desks in the background.

My students LOVED this activity because it allowed them to be totally creative and come up with interesting ways to incorporate sight words. You can adjust this activity to meet the needs of your group as well! If your kids are just getting started with writing, provide a prompt and ask them to write 1-2 sentences. If you’ve got advanced writers who are ready for a challenge, skip the prompt and have them write up to 5 sentences. The options are endless!

After they write, have them circle or highlight the sight words and count how many different words they were able to use. You can even award prizes for most sight words used, or have a minimum as their “ticket” out the door for recess. This is a simple and effective way to practice sight words every week, plus it means at least one literacy center is planned and requires minimal prep!

3. Color by Code Sight Words Worksheets

This image shows a color by code activity that is a great way to help students master sight words.

Alright friends, I have saved the absolute best for last. These were the REAL game-changers in my room! I love color-by-code worksheets to practice sight words for so many reasons. They’re no-prep, editable, versatile, and easy to use! Plus, my students absolutely loved them too! But perhaps the best reason is that they can easily be squeezed into those nooks and crannies of the day I mentioned before. If you have a random 10-minute period before recess, these will come in handy! If your kids come back early from specials (art, music, P.E., etc.) these will save the day! Anytime you have an unexpected block to fill, these will come to your rescue.

How These Pages Work

First things first, what are these pages all about? My Color by Code Sight Word pages are editable, no-prep worksheets designed for maximum fun. They come in a variety of themes and topics and focus on Fry’s first 100 words. Students will read the words and color the spaces on their pictures according to the code. A fun picture will be revealed when they have the whole thing filled in. We used these all year long for a variety of themes including:

This image shows a color by code activity.

Having a lot of variety with these pages meant that we could use them all year long. No matter what holiday, season, or topic we were discussing – I could easily weave in some sight word practice! Each pack has pre-made pages that are print-and-go, which is a great timesaver! Editable options are also included to allow for more customization to your needs.

When to Use These Pages

These pages are super versatile and can be used in many ways. I tended to use them for meaningful time fillers throughout the day. To make sure I was always prepared, I made copies of these pages at the beginning of the month. That way, when the need came about for an extra activity, we were ready to go! You could also use these pages for instant centers, morning work, and even in your emergency sub tub! Students will learn to be fully independent with these, so you’ll be able to assign them and send kiddos off to get to work.

How to Edit the Pages

This image shows how to edit the color by code sight word activity. You can choose which sight words you want your students to work on!

And don’t forget, these pages come with editable options too! While there are pre-made pages, the editable options mean you can differentiate by skill level and assign specific sight words each week. You can even use them to practice other things too such as spelling words, phonics skills, and word families! The editable features mean more versatility and value to you!

To edit, simply open the resource in Adobe. You’ll see highlighted blue boxes for each word. Click the box you want to edit and add your new word. The page will auto-populate to fill the worksheet with that word. Continue until you have all of your desired words added. This process is super fast and easy! I know you’ll love being able to create your very own sight word practice pages in a snap!

Try Sight Word Practice Pages for Free

This image shows the free Easter sight words activity. Students will color by code to reveal a picture of an Easter basket.

Ready to try these out in your classroom? I’ve got a FREE resource for you to grab! These Easter Color by Code Pages come with print and go, as well as editable options. Your students will love practicing Fry’s First 100 Words with the cute bunnies, chicks, and baskets on these pages. Plus, you can use the editable pages to adjust these to your specific needs. Differentiate for different groups of students with ease!

I know once you give these a try, you’ll be hooked too. Having no-prep, sight word practice pages on hand makes it quick and easy to weave these into the routine. Plus, students will LOVE how fun and engaging these pages are! No more moans and groans, or boring flashcards. Check out all of the sight word color-by-code pages in my TPT shop to get started!

Save These Practice Activities for Sight Words

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With everything else we have to teach, it seems like sight word instruction can slip through the cracks! However, these 3 ways to help students master sight words can be done in the nooks and crannies of your day!


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