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Why I Love Using Color By Code

Are you team color by code?! I know I sure am! If you’re looking for a fun way to engage your students in skills practice any time of the year, color by code is going to be your best friend! Come along to see all of the reasons I love using color by code pages in the classroom, and how to get started in your room!

This photo showcases a Halloween themed color by code activity that targets addition skills.

What is Color By Code?

Just in case you’re not already familiar, let’s start with a quick intro. Color by code pages are worksheets that have students answer questions and then color in a picture according to their answers. They work best for skills-based activities that require lots of practice and repetition to master. For example, in our room, these were my go-to for learning new sight words as well as addition and subtraction math facts. As a general rule of thumb, pretty much anything you can use flashcards for also works well for color by code!

Reasons to Use Color By Code

I love color-by-code worksheets for so many reasons. Over the years, they became a go-to resource in my room and I always had them on hand. If you’re not sure how you’d use these pages in your room, let’s chat about some of the best benefits and reasons to use them.

Color by Code = Major Versatility

This image features a Valentine's Day themed worksheet. Students will color cupcakes while completing subtraction problems.

These pages can be used for SO many skills and subjects. In my room, I often used them for first grade math facts and sight words, but the fun doesn’t end here! With editable color by code pages, you can target unlimited subjects and skills with these activities! Some of the other things you might choose to target include vocabulary words, spelling words, grammar topics, phonics skills, shapes, fractions, and more! I love that one activity can be used to practice just about anything we’re working on.

And they’re not just versatile when it comes to subjects – they’re also versatile when it comes to when you can use them! Whether you need an instant center activity, a morning work assignment, a quick review lesson, or an activity for those fast finishers, color by code pages will save the day!

No-Prep Wonders!

The reindeer coloring activity featured in this picture is perfect for Christmas time! It targets addition skills, making it great for math centers.

Raise your hand if you’re always out of prep time! I know this was certainly the case for me. Our prep period barely covered my time to plan, let alone prep. Using color by code pages means you’ll have at least one no-prep option at the ready, no matter what!

To make the most of these amazing worksheets, I liked to choose a topic or theme at the beginning of the month and then make plenty of copies of the pages we’d use to keep on hand.

I kept them in file folders labeled by skill so that I always had a no-prep center activity or extra practice option ready to go! If you can enlist a parent helper to assist with copies, you’ll save even more time!

Color By Code Pages are Easy to Use

Those of us who teach in the primary grades know that ease of use is a must to help support independence. I love that color by code pages are simple and easy for students to understand. After they’re explained and modeled a couple of times, students become familiar and can complete them independently. This makes them great for fast finishers and your emergency sub tub! They’re also easy, low-stress options for homework as well. Parents won’t have to sift through consuming instructions to help their students be successful!

This image features a St. Patrick's Day themed coloring worksheet activity that first grade students will love!

No Fuss Differentiation

Many of our students are working at different levels. By using a variety of color by code pages, you’ll be able to easily (and discreetly) differentiate among your groups. This is one of my favorite ways to use them throughout the year. One of the best ways to keep differentiation a bit more private is by passing off the appropriate worksheet to students in your small groups just before you switch. This way, only the students in the group will see the page given to them, which eliminates the comparison game!

Quick and Easy Review

This photo shows a camping themed printable that can be used in literacy centers to practice sight words.

Color by code pages are the MVP for quick and easy review! What do I mean by this? Well, they’re simple to pull out when you’ve got 10 extra, unplanned minutes in your day. You know those times when the assembly is shorter than expected, or you fly through a lesson. If you’ve got some color by code pages on hand and ready to go, you’ll be all set to engage them in practice right away! This means you’ll be able to squeeze in some important review time in a pinch and keep students on task with ease!

I also LOVE these activities towards the end of the year or before any school break. When students need review activities that will keep their interest, color by code never lets me down! One of my favorite times to use these is as a “ticket” out the door on a Friday afternoon as we’re winding down from a busy week. Simply pop some relaxing music on and let your students decompress in a meaningful way.

Skills to Practice with Color By Code

So, what exactly can we work on with color by code pages? As I mentioned above, the options are nearly endless! There are so many different skills and subjects that are easy to work on using color by code pages. In my room though, there were two that always made an appearance throughout the year.

Practice Math Facts

This photo showcases a Halloween themed color by code activity that targets addition skills.

Math facts are one of my favorite things to practice with color by code pages. In first grade, we’re working hard to master addition and subtraction, and students need LOTS of opportunities to achieve mastery. Color by code pages make it simple and easy to facilitate this without boring my students. Plus, I can easily choose the pages that each student needs to work on based on their skill level.

These pages come in a variety of themes to align with seasons and holidays. The seasonal and holiday bundle is one of my absolute favorite resources since it can be used all year long! Inside you’ll find 17 different resources (plus a bonus freebie) that each have 12 pages of math facts practice. There are 4 pages for addition, 4 pages for subtraction, and 4 pages for mixed practice in each resource.

Plus, these pages are print and go! All I need to do is choose your math focus, print them out and we’re off to the races. Using these pages helped alleviate some of my planning overload each week. I always knew that no matter what, we’d work on at least one of these pages to get some math fact practice in. If you want to take a close look at these pages, grab this Veteran’s Day freebie for future use! Many of the pages will also work for celebrating Memorial Day and the 4th of July as well!

Practice Sight Words

My go-to, Color by Code Sight Word pages are editable, no-prep worksheets that will help your students master important sight words in a fun way. I’ve got a huge variety of themes and topics to choose from, meaning you can use them all year long as students learn new words. These pages feature Fry’s first 100 words, so there are many ways to differentiate for your group.

The color by code activities in this image are perfect for spring. Students can color pictures like carrots or a watering can while practicing sight words.

To use, students will read the words and color the spaces on their pictures according to the code. A fun seasonal or holiday picture will be revealed when they have all their answers recorded. In my room, we cycled through different themes to keep this activity feeling fresh. Some of the themes we used included:

I loved being able to grab a new theme each month that was interesting and fun for students because it meant they would stay engaged in sight word practice. We all know that flashcards can get pretty boring after a while. Color by code pages help ensure that students enjoy sight word practice, not dread it!

How To Use Editable Color by Code Options

This image shows how to edit color by code activities to target specific sight words and other skills!

The best thing about my color by code sight word pages is that they come with editable options too! While there are no prep pages included, the editable options mean you can differentiate by skill level. I also found this to be handy for assigning specific sight words each week as we added new ones. And don’t forget, you can also use them to practice other skills and topics such as spelling words, word families, grammar topics, and more! The editable features are wonderful because no matter what you’re looking to target, you can do it quickly and easily.

To edit, you’ll open the resource in Adobe. You’ll see highlighted blue boxes for the editable sections. Click the box you want to edit and add your new word or skill. The page will auto-populate to fill the worksheet with everything you entered. Continue until you have all of your desired words or skills added to the page. Editing is quick and easy, I promise! Grab this FREE set of Easter pages If you want to test these out in your classroom. Even if it’s not time to celebrate Easter, this freebie will let you see how versatile these pages are and how easy they are to edit!

Color by Code Saves the Day!

Well there you have it friends, these are all of the reasons I LOVE to use color by code for learning. Which one stands out most to you? For me, versatility and ease of use are always top contenders. There’s nothing like having some versatile, go-to activities that everyone loves in your back pocket! If you want to check out all of my color by code pages, you can find them in my TPT Shop. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a little something for everyone!

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Do you ever wonder why teachers like me LOVE color by code activities? Not only are they engaging and low-prep, but they are also perfect for practicing skills like sight words and math! Read the post to find out even more reasons to love color by code activities!


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