Spiral Review Strategy {plus freebie}

I don’t know about your students, but mine tend to have the use it or lose it thing going on when it comes to some skills!   Give my students a long weekend or a longer break and they look at me like I have three heads when I refer to a skill that has clearly been taught and practiced!  Thank goodness it doesn’t happen with everything I teach!  Haha!

One strategy I have found to be extremely helpful to combat the use it or lose it problem is spiral review and practice…DAILY!   I incorporate this strategy into many lessons during the day.

But the easiest and most effective way I have found is the use of  morning work.   I have created a product which provides my students with daily practice of many important ELA and Math skills which they tend to forget about without such practice.  It is great for reviewing previously taught skills in a “themed” kind of way.

My newest Morning Work pack has a Valentine’s theme.  Somehow the cutesy clip art draws the kids in and they don’t really realize that they are practicing many essential skills!

Here are two sample pages:



During the daily practice included in the February morning pack,  students have the opportunity to review the following skills:

~Fact families (creating fact families when given four numbers)

~Fact families (identify and write the missing fact from the fact family)

~True or False (when given a math equation, students solve to prove if it is true or false; then write a true equation for the given sum)

~Identify ways to show a given number

~Draw the hour and minute hands on a blank clock for a give time to the hour or half hour

~Complete a tally table with given data and solve the problem

~Solve word problems involving addition, subtraction, missing addends, and/or three addends

~Write addition or subtraction sentences to match a given picture then solve

~Practice comma usage in a series and in dates

~ABC order

~Read and choose the correct linking verb in a sentence

~Read and choose the correct verb form for sentences

~Read sentences and select the correct pronoun to replace the underlined noun in the sentence

~Read and select the correctly spelled word to complete a sentence

~Edit and correct sentences for capitalization and punctuation

~Identify sentence type (this month is exclamatory and interrogative)

You can grab the two pages above for free HERE.

If you are interested in the entire February Morning Work Pack, it is available in my TPT store  HERE.


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  1. Love the 3 heads comment. Lol!! I get the same from my homeschooled daughter. It’s like I taught all previous lessons in Swahili. Ha!

  2. I love these! What program do you use to create them? I would love to try and make some for my students and differentiate them for all my levels.

  3. For the Rafflecopter Giveaway: I love my doggies! They are so sweet and on these cold days I love cuddling up with them. 🙂 I am crazy about my dogs and pretty much LOVE all animals too.

    Sam C.

  4. Thanks. I hadnt..but I am going to check it out now. We need to catch up. It’s amazes me…All that you are doing. Have a great day.

  5. Hi. I love it. I wish I taught first again just so that I could put it to use. I am now obsessed with tpt. I told my boss about it and next week I am teaching a pro dev. day for our staff and incorporating tpt into the pdd. What an amazing resource that many teachers are not aware of. Thank you.

    1. Gail,
      That is so awesome that you are doing a Professional Development Day and incorporating TPT into that! I hope you have heard of the store “Tiny Toes”. She is a friend and teaches Pre-K and has lots of material for that age group. I wish you lots of luck for your presentation! Nancy

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