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I must have been living in a cave or something because until recently, I had no clue about the game “Scoot”.  I saw the game advertised on TpT, but had no idea what this game was, how to play it, or how it might benefit my students.  I came across a place value scoot game from, and decided to try it in my classroom.  My students LOVED it!  I LOVED it!  So I decided I needed to create some Scoot games to cover an array of math skills to use in my classroom.  So the “Scoot Mega Math Bundle” was born!

Here is a peak at this fabulous pack:


I have created a Scoot Mega Math Bundle that includes 15 games that cover 15 1st and 2nd grade math standards.  Each game includes 24 game cards.  Let me share with you an overview of some of the fifteen games.

Slide1     Slide2

Slide3     Slide4

Slide5    Slide6


I will be using these games for whole group scoot games and for task cards in math centers.  Here is a list of all of the games included in the bundle:

1.  Counting tally marks to 30
2.  Place value with base ten blocks (to 120)
3.  Time to hour and half hour
4.  2D and 3D shapes
5.  10 more/10 less & 1 more/ 1 less
6.  Skip counting (forward/backward 2’s, 5’s, 10’s)
7.  Addition to 10 (True or False)
8.  Comparing two-digit numbers (true/false)
9.  Fractions (halves, thirds, & fourths)
10. Addition and subtraction to 20
11.Numbers before or after to 120
12.Unknown numbers in addition/subtraction problems to 20
13.Odd & Even numbers to 30 (with picture support)
14.Two-digit addition/subtraction (no regrouping)
15.Addition/Subtraction word problems to 20 (all kinds including 3 addends)

Each scoot game cover states the common core standards that are covered.  With this bundle, the games are only 65 cents each!  That is quite a bargain!  If you are interested in the bundle, please check it out in my TpT store here!

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