The Tour…Part 1

Okay I have not posted ANYTHING in weeks.  I have been totally engrossed in all that is involved in getting my classroom running smoothly!  I do not know how you bloggers do it!  I hope to be like you when I grow up!  I have a few photos from my classroom to share.  So here is a mini tour- part 1!

First I wanted to share my whole group area.  Here we do our calendar math, read alouds, class meetings etc.  Here is a view of this area.

whole group area

I love how colorful everything is!  Some people may think it is busy, but to me it is just right!  In the little baskets on the two white shelving units are my leveled readers that I use for guided reading groups.  It was the only place in the room that I could find to store them.   So to the far left of the whole group area is where I have posted “Our Class Rules” and my behavior clip system.  Here is a close-up of this board.


I made a really cute banner that I have hung from polka dot ribbon to put a title on the board.  I went with the green border for all of my boards this year instead of having a bunch of mismatched borders.  I had some cute paper flowers from all of my scrapbooking stuff that I have tacked into the center of each flower on the corner of each bulletin board in my room.  It is super cute and helps to tie everything together.

To the right of my rules/behavior board is my calendar area.  I have devoted a good bit of space to this area because we go over so many math skills on a daily basis with our morning calendar math.

We start with the date, days of the week, yesterday, today, tomorrow etc.


Next we count the number of days we have been in school using tens and ones as well as money.

calendar 2

Next we do “Ways to Make” a number.  We use the number of the day which is the number of days we have been in school.  It amazes me what these little firsties come up with!  Some have such amazing mathematical minds!   We then work on time (which we do on Brown Bear’s Clock) and you can’t really see anything but part of an arm and leg.  The kids sing a little song and we write the time in two ways.  Next we move onto comparing numbers, skip counting, and ten more/ten less, one more/one less.  These, along with ways to make a number are part of my calendar companion pack I sell on TpT.  If you are interested in the calendar companion, you can find it by clicking this link  “

calendar 3

calendar 4

I have this next to my 99 chart for reference for the kids.

Here are a few more random shots from the classroom in my classroom tour part 1:  My birthday display is up on my wall and I will be adding group photos for each month.  All of the January birthday kids will be in one photo etc.

Happy Birthday

Random shot two is where I store extra supplies that the kids bring in and are not currently using.  I use a shoe bag.  I think I got this at the dollar store and the supplies are put  in the compartment with the students’ assigned number.  When they need something they can go get it easily.

extra supplies

I hope you have enjoyed my tour…part 1.  If all goes well I should get more photos loaded this weekend.  Until then, thanks for stopping by!


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