Classroom Tour~ Part 2

Well my computer has been acting whack-a-doo so I have tried several times to post this!  Hopefully it will work this time!  I am in my 7th week with my students, and while still exhausted I am thoroughly enjoying my class this year!

Okay now back on topic!  Here are a few more photos from my classroom.

photo (21)

This is a view from my small group table out into my classroom.  My desks are in 4 groups of six.  I only have 21 students right now so I have a few empty ones (to separate the talkers~like that ever works!).  You can see my whole group area, and some open storage that I have on both sides.

photo (20)

This is the view toward the back of my classroom.  My classroom door is just to the left outside of this picture.  I have my word wall here and lots of room to display anchor charts on the walls.  This was actually taken before school started so the space is filled up a bit more now. See below. 🙂


photo (19)

This shows the cluster of desks I was describing.  Pretty basic stuff.  I have nameplates on the desks with velcro.  They last pretty much all year.  To the left in this picture you can sort of see my book-tubs.  Oh book-tubs…you torment me every day!  I need to finish dealing with these.  My intention is to level all of my books and put them in tubs with labels by level.  (The thought of that project makes my head hurt!)

photo (17)

I have these awesome white cubicle type storage shelves that I picked up from Lowe’s.  I have two sets and store all of my leveled readers for guided reading groups in these colorful baskets that I picked up from the Dollar Tree.  I made labels to match my color scheme and have levels D-P at my fingertips.

I do not have any pictures of my small group table area or the teacher desk area yet.  I will take those soon!  I hope you enjoyed this peek into my classroom!  Thanks for stopping by!

Nancy 🙂

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