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Wrap up the year and provide review for your students with this no prep, June morning work resource! Your first grade students will love the familiar format and this month’s zoo animal theme each day! Just print and go and you’re all set! Includes bonus coloring and writing activities and makes for a great year-end review!

Included in this ZIP file download you will find:

  • One PDF with the printable morning work pages and answer keys
  • List of covered standards
  • 20 printable practice pages (3 math skills and 3 ELA skills per slide)
  • Bonus coloring pages with writing
  • Answer Keys

Skills covered this month include:

Math Skills:

  • Fact Families: Create fact families from 3 given numbers; identify the missing fact from the given fact family
  • Complete number bonds with one missing number
  • Find missing numbers in addition and subtraction sentences to 20
  • Identify 2D and 3D shapes and their attributes
  • Two-digit addition and subtraction without regrouping- adding ten(s), subtracting ten(s), and adding a singe digit
  • Determine the length of objects (nonstandard measurement)
  • Word Problems: Students solve addition and subtraction word problems.
  • Students solve word problems by completing number bonds
  • Time to the hour and half hour
  • Review fractions of a whole
  • Order two-digit numbers
  • Solve word problems using tally tables
  • Mentally find ten more, ten less, one more, and one less than a given number
  • Represent two-digit numbers in multiple ways
  • Compare two-digit numbers

Language Arts Skills:

  • Correctly spell a word to match a given picture (“R” controlled vowels)
  • Find and write the contraction to match the two given words
  • Read a sentence and identify the underlined verb as past, present, or future tense
  • Read sentences and select the correct article “a” or “an” to complete the sentence
  • Sort a 6 words into the correct groups
  • When given two groups of words, give the category/group a name
  • Read, edit, and write sentences making corrections for capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and spelling
  • Write declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory sentences
  • When given a sentence, students will write it correctly and then expand it using the given conjunction (and, or, so, because, or but)
  • Read a sentence and choose the correct conjunction to complete the sentence
  • Order three adjectives by level of intensity
  • Order three verbs by level of intensity
  • Choose “is” or “are”, “was” or “were” to correctly complete a sentence

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