Engaging Valentine’s Day Activities for Primary Learners

Who’s ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the classroom? This was always one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with students! The themes of kindness and friendship are so much fun, and they’re just what I need after a long, and dreary winter. If you’re looking for some fresh ideas to use in your room this month, this post is for you! Today I’m sharing 5, engaging Valentine’s Day activities for the primary classroom!

Incorporate these engaging Valentine's Day activities into your classroom plans for a fun filled learning experience featuring all things Valentine's Day.

Gearing up for Valentine’s Day in the Classroom

Before we jump into some of my favorite resources to help add some Valentine magic to your room, let’s talk prep work! I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of “setting the stage” so to speak when it comes to new classroom themes. No matter what holiday or event is drawing near, I recommend taking some time to prepare your classroom. For me, this looked a little bit like this…

Use Valentine's Day activities like this themed writing activities like this in your classroom decor to brighten up your classroom and set the tone for Valentine's Day.

Before the start of February, I always pulled out my trusty tub of materials. Over the years, this collection had grown as I saved past Valentine’s Day activities, craft supplies, and books. I kept these separated by month or season, so that way when I was ready to plan, all I had to do was pull out the tub for a little inspiration.

Once I opened the box, I was reminded of things we did in past years. I can’t be the only one who forgets what’s in those boxes, right? Whenever a new month rolled around, I was usually surprised and excited to see the materials I had packed up from the previous year. Taking stock of what I had was always helpful to me when mapping everything out. This will look different for everyone depending on how many thematic materials you use each month. But, even if it just means going through your stash of read-alouds to find books to fit your theme, this is a great place to start!

Simple Ways to Decorate the Classroom

Another fun way to prepare is with new classroom decor. In my room, I had students work on a Valentine’s Day-themed writing page towards the end of January. Then, we’d just add a cute craft topper and I’d have an instant bulletin board display! Since you’re building up anticipation for the holiday, you can be strategic about the writing prompts you choose as well. Maybe ask students to write about ways to show kindness, or special family members in their life.

Then, if we had extra time, I also loved to have kiddos make colorful paper chains for the last 30 minutes on Fun Friday. This is a great fine motor activity and they’ll look super cute displayed in your classroom with the festive writing prompts. Not to mention, this will build a little bit of excitement and joy around what’s to come!

Choosing Meaningful Valentine’s Day Activities

Once you’re all set and ready for Valentine’s Day activities, it’s time to talk lessons. As much as we love holiday fun, we’ve still got a job to do, right? Teaching essential skills and standards can’t fall by the wayside! Luckily for you, you won’t have to choose between the two! Over the years, I made it my mission to make holiday fun and learning blend together. This helps to boost engagement and keep kiddos excited all year long! No more sacrificing learning time for holiday celebrations with these fun Valentine’s Day activities!

Low-Prep Centers

First things first – centers! We all know how important center time is in the primary classroom. Not only does this time promote independence and free up time for small groups, but it’s just plain fun! And when learning is fun, we’re far more likely to have engaged students. While I love center time, I don’t love endless prep. To remedy this, I came up with some low-prep center activities that are perfect to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

This resource is packed with 10 different math and literacy centers. You’ll find writing prompts, bump games, task cards, and more to engage your primary learners! Some of the options include:

  • Deliver the Valentine Cards game (fact families)
  • Valentine Time to the Half-Hour Bump
  • Valentine Word Search
  • Build a Love Monster Writing Activity and more!

Sounds like fun, right?! All of the activities come in both color and black-and-white options to allow for the most versatility. Plus, many of them also include recording sheets to really cement those skills. The best part though is that many of the activities can be played as a partner game, which your students will love! They’re perfect for your February center rotations and stations, but they’d also be ideal to fill your Valentine’s Day Party, too!

Color By Number Valentine’s Day Activities

Do you ever find yourself with just a few extra minutes in your schedule? Not enough to start a new lesson, but enough that if you don’t fill it, your students will start to run amuck? if you answered YES, you’re not alone! To help avoid classroom crazies, I liked to have some go-to printables ready to go for times just like this.

My criteria for these activities was that they must be educational and support students in a way that actually helped them. No fluff, please! The solution? Color-by-code!

Math facts color-by-code printables are perfect for those 10-minute breaks you unexpectedly find in your day. Check out these for facts within 10 and these for facts within 20. Print out a stack of them and keep them organized by skill level in file folders. This way you’ll always have a last-minute assignment on students always need more practice with!

And if you’re looking to target sight words, these worksheets will be your best friend! The sight word pages are editable, so you can use your spelling words or vocabulary words as well. no matter what you’re looking to target, these will come in handy all month long!

No Prep Printables

First graders need lots of extra practice. And really, don’t we all? When trying to master a new skill, practice is essential! That’s why I’m a big believer in no-prep printable practice pages for every month. Using extra practice pages ensures that students will have exposure to new concepts in a variety of ways. This is so helpful for my first graders!

The worksheets we used in my classroom focused on a spiral review of important math and ELA concepts. Each month, the pages had a new theme to keep things feeling fresh and exciting for the kids! In February, our topics included:

  • Time (Hour & Half-Hour)
  • Addition w/ 3 Addends
  • Word Problems
  • Blends & Digraphs
  • ABC Order
  • Commas in a Series and more!

I loved using these for instant center activities, independent learning assignments, and even homework! It’s great to have a few extra practice pages on hand for when you might need them. These are also perfect to add to your sub tub. We all know how hard it can be to prepare for a day when you’re away from the classroom. These worksheets will make it simple and easy for any teacher to conduct class in your absence.

Valentine’s Day Math and Literacy Activities

Holiday themes make it fun and easy to target important skills in the primary classroom. There’s no worry about capturing student interest when our lessons feature a fun holiday twist! That’s why I loved using these Valentine’s Day activities to work on math and literacy skills. Each of the activities in this resource helped my students with skills such as reading poetry, opinion writing, and interpreting data. I loved to use these during the whole week of Valentine’s Day to add a heavy dose of holiday fun!

This resource includes 8 different activities in both printable and digital versions to allow for versatility. Some of the activities include:

  • Valentine’s Day Poetry Flip Book
  • Valentine’s Day Data 
  • Opinion Writing (Friendly Letter) 
  • Addition and Subtraction Worksheets and more!

As an added bonus, all of the activities in this resource are super low prep, making them perfect for a busy month in the classroom. These would also be a great option for your Valentine’s Day party as well. Simply set the activities up as stations and circulate the room to help students or cover each one as a whole group. To top off the fun, there is also a crown craft that is the perfect way to end the day with your kiddos!

Valentine’s Day BINGO

Speaking of your Valentine’s Day party, you’ll need a fun game, right?! This BINGO game is the perfect addition to your plans.

Your students will love filling up their board as you call out Valentine’s Day vocabulary words. This activity comes with 30 cards, so you’ll have enough to play with your whole class at once too!

This resource includes full-color cards as well as black and white. If you plan to use this game throughout the month, I’d use the color cards and laminate them for durability.

The black-and-white options are perfect for a no-prep option too. For this version, have students color as they go or use BINGO daubers to mark each space on their board.

You can even extend this activity by having students choose a few vocabulary words to write a Valentine’s Day story afterward. It’s a great way to include writing practice in your Valentine’s Day activities this year.

More Activities for February

Hopefully, this post helped to kickstart your Valentine’s Day planning! This is a fun holiday to celebrate in the primary classroom. Adding a bit of Valentine’s Day magic will help mix up the routine and boost engagement in a fun way! You can find all of these activities in my TPT shop, plus many more! And if you’re looking for more ideas for February learning, be sure to check out this post too!

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